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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Alprazolam Borderline where we think you will find much of interest.
If you would like to be a Forum member, please get in touch via our Contact page and we'll register you on it.

1893 Canoe Yawl ‘Lucky Star’ for sale

3Mg Xanax Bars Online

Lucky Star, an extraordinary survivor from the early days of the Canoe Yawl, is reluctantly for sale by her owner Ant Law. She was built by Turk at Kingston upon Thames, and beautifully restored by Fabian Bush in 1996. She is 18ft long by 5ft 3in beam. If she piques your interest please reach us via our Purchasing Xanax Online page and we can put you in touch with her owner.

TWO David Moss Canoe Yawls For Sale!

Mail Order Xanax Canada

As you know, the classic canoe yawls designed and built by David Moss don’t come on the market that often, but David has informed us of two currently for sale.

One is a 15-footer, 3/4-decked and lug rigged on main and mizzen. Some of you may like me have seen her ‘in the flesh’ at Beale Park in the summer. She is in immaculate condition, comes with a good road trailer and also has a Flover electric outboard with battery, for those averse to rowing; but having owned a David Moss 15-footer myself for some years in the past I can tell you she’ll row very easily.

Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico

The other is a raised-deck 18-footer yielding a roomy interior. She also has a good road trailer and has been well looked after by her owner. She needs a bit of varnishing, mostly on the spars, but David will do all that is necessary to put her back in new-like condition before she leaves. She is fully equipped for coastal cruising and has a comfortable two berth cabin with Taylors cooker, Portaloo, hanging locker etc.Her  engine is a 6.5hp Yanmar with hydraulic motor driving a 3-blade prop.

Buy Discount Xanax Online

Both boats have been favourably reviewed at length in Water Craft magazine; they are at David Moss’s yard in Lancashire for the winter, or until sold. You can read more on Order Alprazolam Pills under ‘Pre-owned Boats’, and you can reach him on 01253 893830.

Humber Yawl FLUTE for sale—SOLD

We hear from David and Irene Carrick that this magnificent 20ft canoe yawl is for sale:

This lovely Humber Canoe Yawl inspired by George Holmes’s “EEL” was built at Waterhead, Windermere by Ian Cooper in 1978.
Dimensions – 21ft LOA (27 ft over spars) 7ft beam 3.5 ft draught  with drop keel down. Built with local larch on oak with clear pine spars. She was extensively rebuilt by Jamie Clay 2000-2001 with new keel and many fittings. She is a  clinker built double ender,and includes a purpose built twin axle trailer.She has 2 berths with cushions in a cosy cabin.The engine is out as I intended to sail her with a pair of oars.Many hours were spent removing old varnish from hull and decks scraped and prepared.The hull has had several coats of wood oil,cabin sides and cockpit interior, combings coated with woodskin, spars and masts coated with wood oil. 2 coats of primer on all deck area and completed with 2 coats of International deck paint. Below waterline, 2 coats of Primocon and one coat of antifouling, (plenty left for one or two coats pre-launch).
The hull and interior is now finished and “Flute” is now stunning!!!! All fittings are of very high standard. She is now under cover in North Yorkshire.
All spars ,masts and fittings plus rigging and halliards in good order, furling jib, gaff mainsail , gaff mizzen all in good order . New mainsail cover (unused)
New interior cushions, gas cooker and spare canisters . Depth / speed instruments, compass, chain and anchor  , new mooring ropes,4 fendoffs, one pair oars , spare wheel, overboard rescue system.
“Flute” has been stored undercover for approx. 7 years and has had little use since its extensive rebuild in 2001.PRICE £4,950

If you are tempted by FLUTE—and who wouldn’t be?—please use our Purchasing Xanax Online page to be put in touch with the owners.

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