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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Alprazolam Borderline where we think you will find much of interest.
If you would like to be a Forum member, please get in touch via our Contact page and we'll register you on it.

ARKLIGHT II — 1930s Canoe Yawl for sale

We have heard from Robert Whitmore Jones of a canoe yawl for sale which was hitherto unknown to us: Built by George Cardnell and his two sons in 1936 at Maylandsea in Essex, Arklight II is a unique canoe yawl in sound condition. Not only pleasing in appearance, she also sails very well. Hull is Pitch Pine planks on Oak frames. Cabin / cockpit sides are mahogany. Paint / varnish / antifouling could all benefit from refreshing. Recently (2011) installed secondhand, fully serviced and reliable Yanmar 1GM10, since when less than 30 engine hours. Seaworthy, full suit of sails / stainless rigging in good condition, various other original fixtures and features as well as more modern additions, she is currently moored near Weston super Mare, where she can be viewed by arrangement. £3500 or sensible offer. You can see more of ARKLIGHT II on her website Purchasing Xanax Online.

NUTMEG David Moss 18ft Canoe Yawl — SOLD

Vince Powell has written to us of his David Moss canoe yawl. Readers will know that these glorious little gems are like hens’ teeth (yet your Editor has owned two of the few in existence) so I doubt she will linger for long on the market.
‘Nutmeg’ is a 17′9” David Moss Canoe Yawl: A Gaff Yawl with Bowsprit and Bumpkin. She is beautifully built ( really a work of art) and maintained, and easily single-handed. Construction is  Columbian pine strip plank overlaid with Khaya veneers, epoxy encapsulated. Keel and floors of Iroko. Cabin coamings  in Iroko. Lead Ballast keel of 1100lbs with galvanised steel centreplate. She draws about 12″ with centreplate raised. She is a remarkably stiff, dry and weatherly craft. She sails equally well in light airs and heavy weather: 2 reefs provided in the Mainsail. Aux. power is provided by a recent Tohatsu 4hp fourstroke outboard with remote tank. She sleeps 2 in a very cosy varnished cabin with 2 burner spirit stove. A 12v battery provides power for masthead and cabin lights. There is a portable toilet. She comes together with a 4 wheel yard trailer with docking arms to assist launch and recovery; this can be used together with a flatbed trailer ( easily hired ) to transport her. She also comes with considerable additional equipment to make her ready to daysail or cruise. She could probably be kept on her existing inexpensive (drying) pontoon mooring in Chichester Harbour if desired. Asking price is £16000 which reflects her excellent condition. See the rest of this post for more pictures. Use our Mail Order Xanax Canadaform if you’d like to contact Vince.

Strangers at Pyefleet

Order Cheap Xanax Online

Sorry for the short notice — The Albert Strange Association has its annual floating meet this Friday 17, Saturday and Sunday at Pyefleet Creek on the Colne estuary in Essex, and if you can get there under your own, er, steam we’d love to see you. More details here.

cy Forum
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