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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Alprazolam Borderline where we think you will find much of interest.
If you would like to be a Forum member, please get in touch via our Contact page and we'll register you on it.

David Moss 13-footer For Sale

We are very tardy in putting up David Wilkie’s lovely 13-foot David Moss canoe yawl, and you, prospective new owner, are fortunate she is still available! She has good paintwork, ‘reasonable’ varnish, original sails in good order, and a galvanized trailer with new wheels and bearings. David is asking a reduced price of  £3,450, and you can use our 3Mg Xanax Bars Onlinepage to be put in touch with him.

Purchasing Xanax Online

Buy Alprazolam Online Reviews

David Moss boats are like hens’ teeth; your Editor has owned, and had much fun with, both 13 and 15 foot versions. Don’t hang about!

A dispatch from Vancouver Island

Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico

George Kruzynski on Vancouver Island (We live a few minutes away from the Jespersen yard as well as Bill Garden’s island—sadly now for sale) has written to us with pictures of his (L F Herreshoff) Rozinante Evangeline:

“Given that lousy weather is approaching, some of your afficionados might be interested in making a windvane of their yawl similar to the one I made for my workshop. Blew up the LFH plans and cut the profile out of a piece of plywood. Got our local sailmaker to sew up a suit of bona fide sails. Bicycle wheel axle for a bearing. Been happily dealing with 3 years of blustery weather thus far.” Buy Discount Xanax Online

DAWN II Canoe-stern Sloop by G U Laws for sale

Buying Alprazolam In India

Such an interesting yacht from 1907, we’ll overlook the mast count! Ben Boardman writes of his ‘project’ boat:

It’s unfortunate that I’ve come to the point where I’ve chosen to re-home Dawn but time and money are not what they once were. My hope is that she is taken on by a likeminded individual who sees her for the classic she is and could be. I realise that she’s not a yawl so thanks for overlooking the lack of mizzen, but am very glad that she will be seen by the right audience on the Albert Strange site [and this one! — Ed].

Buy Xanax Vietnam

cy Forum