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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Strange Days at the Naze

The Canoe Yawl Association joins the Albert Strange Association for a “messabout” with boats large and small over the long weekend of Friday 19 through Sunday 21 August, on the Walton Backwaters in Essex. You can read all about it Buy Genuine Xanax. We’d love to see you there.

Leona by Albert Strange For Sale

Buy Xanax Uk

John and Pat May, veteran Humberside sailors and Albert Strange Association members, are reluctantly selling their beautiful canoe yawl Leona, built 1906 to Strange’s design No 63. She is carvel built, 24ft by 7ft 5in, and has a steel centreplate. Gaff yawl rig with Bermudan mizzen, tan sails, furling headsail, main with three reefs. Beta 10hp diesel, 3-bladed feathering propeller, new battery 2011. Electric lights, 2 electric bilge pumps plus hand pump; pair of long oars; compass & echosounder; 24lb CQR anchor plus fisherman’s anchor; all fittings are traditional where possible; 2-burner gas cooker; leather-look upholstery, cabin table; lying afloat at Brough Haven. Leona was relaunched in 1996 after a 3-year rebuild and her owners report she sails beautifully in any weather. If Leona takes your fancy, please use the Contact page to reach us and we will put you in touch with the Mays.

Order Xanax Online India

A Tale of Sin and Redemption

Sorry the news here has not been as thick & fast as we would like, your Editor has had quite a few distractions. But he has a confession to make.

Buying Xanax From CanadaLast November I was called out of the blue by a sailor who insisted on buying Constance, who was not even for sale —  in fact he had been told by the local yard owner, and quite rightly, that there was no way on earth I would part with her.

Alprazolam Online Paypal

But unknown to both of them, I had been on the receiving end for some time of gentle persuasion by my friend Russell to acquire, in stages, his beautifully restored 33ft Albert Strange (counter-sterned!) yawl Charm, built 1922. He won’t mind me saying he has the edge on me in the age stakes, and is even considering migrating from sail to steam. It must be said that Charm is a more practical proposition for family and friends than Constance, but also a much larger investment. A two week sail in Maine last summer on her sister Sea Harmony with Marblehead boatbuilder Thad, culminating in the annual Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, clinched it for me, and since November I have been half-owner of Charm at the same location, Walton, as Constance, and bereft of any craft eligible to appear on these pages. Constance’s new owner Nick is of course thrilled with her.

Mail Order Xanax Canada

But all is not lost. Last Sunday I happened to be browsing the web on my phone in the coffee shop at Marks & Sparks (ask someone British) while my wife tried on frocks, and I came across this little beauty for sale. A David Moss 13-foot canoe yawl, built in 1998 to a design based on George Holmes’ Ethel, and written up in Classic Boat Issue 1; strip-planked, hardwood skin, the usual Moss attention to detail and workmanship, dry-sailed only on fresh water, etc. I have previously owned a Moss 15-footer, and have secretly lusted for the 13 as the ideal solo camp-cruiser and day-sailer a deux. The 15 was great fun for two, but a little unwieldy on land for casual use alone. Anyway my cheque is in the post and I collect the boat in 10 days, sight unseen barring this photo (it’s 200 miles away). You have to trust David Moss’s build quality, and anyone discerning enough to own one of his boats.

Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico