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Canoe Yawl 'Echo'

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery

1:32 pm
July 20, 2011

Backwater Boatman

Clayton Bay South Australia


posts 9

Post edited 12:55 pm – November 2, 2011 by Backwater Boatman

Me and my new boat.

I first became infatuated with the George Holmes design of Ethel I  when I followed the articles by Dick Phillips in Classic Boat in 1991 about the Falmouth Marine Centre building a stripped planked version.

A friend, David Wilson at about the same time, built a strip planked one and he did a beautiful job, but the mess, the sanding and having to fair inside and out I knew was never likely to attract me. As it was I had a perfectly lovely and practical cold molded 18' trailer sailer 'Wyndrel' that my family and I were enjoying. 

Then another friend Nic Marinos built a strip planked Eel  following the Willam Garden plan (based on the George Holmes design of the same name) in the Wooden Boat Magazine stable. Again  beautifully done. Nic called her

'Cockateel'after an Australian native parrot and to capture the original name within it. The design got my interest as suitable for our shallow Alexandrina Waterways. However the rudder arrangement seemed susceptible to damage that may be difficult to repair and for the same length as 'Wyndrel'she had half the amount of accommodation. I sailed her once and got her dancing along but Nic got nervous and we had to ease back to his comfort zone but the main mizzen and jib configeration had me hooked. One day I would have a canoe yawl!

Then at a Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival I came across a couple of fibre glass hulls, yawl rigged, double end-ers that I thought were so close to the Ethel design it had to be more than coincidence. Then some years later I noticed an interesting small double ender under a cover in Pete Turner's boat building yard. It had main, mizzen and bowsprit and a definite canoe stern. In one corner of the yard was a glass mould, long disused of what could only be an Ethel hull. Upon enquiry it turned out it was an Ethel mould, the two double enders were from this mould and I have recently photographed two of these. One is 'Ethel'  belonging to Chris Rand which I had a chance to sail on the Lake Finniss Raid in 2010 and the other called 'Goolwa Gull'  was offered to me at the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival in 2011 but I was after something else and well committed.

Last year I decided that if I was going to have my canoe yawl and I was going to build it, or most of it, or some of it, I had to find a plan and probably a builder. I had reservations but settled upon Paul Fisher's Lillie design. At 15' I felt it was longer than necessary for what would be mostly single handed use. But a plan for a 13' Ethel was not to be found though there were false trails a plenty. I got the plans, studied them, fine tuned what I wanted, drew sketches, deck plans, filled in details, chased sail-makers and fittings. I realised I was not going to be able to escape my work commitments long enough to do this project in a reasonable time frame. I also realised I am more sailor than builder. I wanted the boat more than the project.

I took the plans to Pete Turner and described what I wanted, showed my detail sketches and Pete agreed to build her and I could assist when I could and a winter start meant I could put in a good few weeks. We would build the hull then I would take her home to fit the decks and then fit out the rest. Pete finished the hull, I learnt a lot helping and photographing, I procured a trailer and took her home. Pete closed his yard and retired to his home workshop and to try to recover his health after a life time in vehicle repair and restoration and boat building.

 Months went by with little done by me, apart from getting in a few fittings, so I took her back to Pete to fit the deck. When completed I brought her home to rig. I could not get the bronze fittings I wanted and though I had the sails with out the goosenecks I could only play around the edges. I finally drew up the fittings I required and went back to Pete to see what could be done. So now it is arranged Pete will fabricate what I have designed and complete the rigging. I will take 'Echo' back in a short while when Pete gets his own boat 'Eth' a canoe yawl built to George Holmes Ethel III design (more on this later) to a stage where it can be moved out side. It is quite likley both yawls will be finished about the same time.




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