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A bit of history about Pete Turner of Goolwa, the Glass 'Ethels' and the Raid.

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11:12 pm
November 10, 2010

Backwater Boatman

Clayton Bay South Australia


posts 9

Post edited 5:57 am – July 22, 2011 by Backwater Boatman

Two  fibre glass Ethels at Goolwa South Australia in 1989Pete Turner has been a builder of things all his life. Model aeroplanes and boats then onto full sized motorcars, motorcycles, aircraft and big boats. He has built 3 wheel cars, a small light weight aeroplane to his own design, custom made sidecars for motorcycles, restored vintage and veteran motorcars from a pile of rust and designed and built paddle wheelers. Of particular interest to we of the C.Y.Org is that he also built a few small canoe yawls in about 1989, from plans he found in a book in the Mt Gambier Public Library. I have seen the photocopy of the page he scaled her up from but can find no indication of the  origins of the publication. I have seen the sketches for her jib & mizzen rig, Pete is a builder rather than a draftsman. He works, or more correctly gets things done at an amazing rate. His use of his skills in wood, metal & resin allows for construction solutions that do not necessarily occur to we more pedestrian thinkers. Pete has removed his Boatbuilders shingle from his shed in Goolwa and is going into a form of retirement. He is relocating to his home workshop and will, health permitting, build small boats for people and with my continuing encouragement and enthusiasm for CY's I think we will see a few more Ethels yet. But he has to finish my Lilliee first

Pete believes about 18 hulls have been taken from the Ethel moulds, 12 by his mate John English for rowing boats and playground features and 6 of his rigged in various ways as his tirelessly inventive brain played with various ideas.

I had the opportunity to sail in the 'Ethel'  that Chris Rand brought to our recent Raid. (more later) This boat has a quite small rig but managed to bounce on to the plane with little encouragement in a puff which surprised and delighted me. I could stand on the turn of the bilge and she sat quite stable. A puff would lay her over to that bilge and there she would stop and power off smoothly. Rowing here into an onshore breeze was easy, mizzen set, & once a little off shore set the jib and she tacked away readily. A little further out, to give myself time to familiarise myself with the main and then that too was set, oars stowed and away she sailed.

A couple of days later with Chris single handing 'Ethel', she moved happily in light air and was able to continue just as happily into blustery air and choppy water, sailing along side 'Kymanu'  my GP14, until we all began to get a little wet and decided to turn round. Chris had been level pegging, close hauled with my GP 14 which we were sailing on main sail alone and with two quite heavy crew. When we turned for home the 'Ethel' happily romped away leaving us in her wake.

I  came away with the feeling that these little boats for a general purpose day boat for kids of all ages would be hard to beat.

I also now realise that my new boat,'Echo', a 15 foot 'Lillie' canoe yawl will be a sprightly single hand-er. (more Later)

The Alexandrina Sailors Club, dedicated to small, shallow draft sailing vessels has started well with 20 members and a good attendance at our first 10 day Lake Finniss Expedition Raid 2010. Cat boats, Sailing canoes a canoe yawl, a couple of dinghies and a couple of Hartley trailer sailers turned out and their crew messed about in boats with out actually doing any competitive events at all. All are keen to participate in the next event we have so I think it was a success. Three people are seriously looking to add an Ethel to their lifestyles so  I am hopeful that the canoe yawl will make a come back here in the Alexandrina Waterways & Wetlands of the River Murray estuary.

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