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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax From Canada where we think you will find much of interest.
If you would like to be a Forum member, please get in touch via our Contact page and we'll register you on it.

David Moss 13ft Canoe Yawl For Sale — Sold

You wait ages, then two come along! Your Editor confesses to having recently gained one boat too many for the time he has available, so with great regret the delightful Ethel is for sale, since it makes no sense to pay for berthing and insurance on a boat I have little time to use — my other love being the Albert Strange Buy Xanax Uk Online, and having nowhere to keep Ethel at home. She has been very little used since new in 1998, and I acquired her from her first fastidious owner just last year. She is in superb condition. She is built in strip-planked Douglas fir with a hardwood outer skin so fair people think she’s GRP; spars are Douglas fir, and her coaming and cockpit area are an orgy of varnished timber. Non-slip painted deck and bottom boards. Of course she has the Moss trademark ‘Sea Otter’ headed laminated tiller looped around the mizzen mast. She is lug rigged on main and mizzen, has a new jib furler, Danforth anchor, oars, buoyancy bags. She comes with a road trailer (and two spare wheels) and new waxed canvas tarpaulin cover, and is lying on the East Coast (of England that is). Need I add that she sails like a dream and rows easily? A super and seaworthy little cruiser / raid boat for one or two people. Asking £3,750. If she attracts you please use our Buy Xanax Australiapage to reach me — before I change my mind!

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter Uk - Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

  • [...] there are no less than two of the lovely strip-planked boats for sale right now at Ethel, which currently belongs to editor Dick Wynne; the other is Bunny, now owned by Nigel [...]

  • [...] lovely strip-planked boats f&#959r sale r&#1110ght now &#1072t th&#1077 13ft Ethel, wh&#1110&#1089h currently belongs t&#959 editor Dick Wynne; th&#1077 &#959th&#1077r [...]

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