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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Rob Roy

Designed by Ted Brewer

22ft 7.5in x 6ft 9.75in x 1ft 6in / 4ft, Disp approx 1.5t

Buy Alprazolam Eu, Buy Xanax Off The Internet

Rob Roy 001

Rob Roy 001Alprazolam Borderline

Rob Roy 005

Rob Roy 005

Rob Roy 005Buy Xanax Uk

A capable and attractive small cruiser with some notable voyages, in North American waters, under its belt. Some 40-50 examples of Rob Roy were built in GRP by Marine Concepts of Florida, from 1980 to the 1990s, reportedly to a high standard of construction and fit-out. Honnor Marine in the UK built at least one, but their moulds were destroyed in 1997 during a change of ownership of the company. Plans are still available from Order Xanax Online India.

64 Responses to “Rob Roy”

  • Allen Hamm:

    Since I also have a Potter, I’ve been on the trailer sailor for a few years.
    The Nimble site there has accepted me as one of there own.
    But I still check here almost daily, us Robbers gotta stick together.

  • Ah don’t get me started on Comcast! I think I may ditch the canoeyawl forum as hardly anyone uses it, I just enabled self-registration on the site (which has to be approved) but that just opened the gates to the usual spam merchants. Life’s too short! There are plenty other forums out there, eg WoodenBoat.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Don’t risk the forum site to spamers just on my account. I may someday win the battle with the comcast stinkers. The canoe yawl website you have put together is one of the nicest and most well maintained sailing sites I have found. I visit it at least 3 times a week. Just washed, waxed and admired my RR23 (Lizzy Tish) today; all is good with the world. Dick, you do a wonderful job mastering this website and I (we) appreciate it!

  • Rick Robinson:

    I am the new owner of Jim Martin’s Rob Roy 23. Needs maintenance and am interested in incorporating some, if not all, of Capt Fred’s upgrades. The Rob Roy is just the ticket after sailing my Sovereign America MudHen 17 (rigged as a sloop) for the past 2 years. Have owned and sailed a number of boats in the past 30 years including a Stevenson Weekender (which I built), a ComPac 19, Cape Dory 25 and Westerly 26. Anticipating that my satisfaction with the Rob Roy 23 will end up with me sailing her to the end of my days….hopefully for the next 30+ years…that is if 60 is the new 40….Ha!

  • Buy Discount Xanax Online My fellow Rob Roy lovers, here are some photos of my RR “Tupelo” Please enjoy. Email me with questions if any.
    Capt. Fred

  • Sorry, I neglected to include my website http/ and my email Buy Xanax Australia If they are of any use. Dick, if it is available somewhere else herein please just omit it here. Thanks

  • Al Fink:

    Oh, lucky me! I shall be the new owner of Capt. Fred’s lovely Rob Boy 23 after nine years aboard a 1986 Nor’Sea 27 aft cabin sloop. I realize what a piece of history I shall have and promise to respect the fine work that Fred has done to his Tupelo.

    Al Fink
    Denver, CO

  • Rick Robinson:

    What works best on the Rob Roy for outboard propulsion? Short or long shaft? 6-8-or 10 hp? I’d like to get a motor with an alternator to keep the batteries somewhat charged so I have running lights for night sailing and in the cabin. What fits best in the motor well. Mine was purchased with a Suzuki 4 hp 4-stroke long shaft, but the powerhead and integral gas tank require removal of the motorwell cover.

  • Bill Empsall:

    Rick, A short shift is all that is needed in the well. I have been looking for a new motor with a charger as well, but I haven’t found one that will work. The problem is the fore and aft measurement. I think boat was or in ally designed around the Honda motors from the 80’s. My current motor is a Suzuki 6 he 2 cycle long shaft.

    I’m looking for pros and cons on back stays.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hello All.
    Happy Memorial day to all!
    My RR23 is spic and span and in its berth at the lake!
    Regarding motors – I have a 1998 Merc 2 cycle, 15HP with alternator, the bottom hull prop hole was cut just a little bit larger to fit the 15HP prop. The motor fits in the well nicely with no other alterations. She would choke on her own exhaust if the motor well cover was closed — BUT now she runs great even with the well cover closed. We installed a 90CFM Attwood turbo 3000 12v marine fan, intake facing up front to the cockpit well, two 1.5″ diam hoses from fan output to Merc motor cowling (remove hand lift cover in back of motor cowling and stuck hoses in it) and now the motor never chokes!!! Not even at low, low idle! $26 miracle fix! Happy Summer Sailing to All!

  • Howard Geismar:

    I just purchased my robroy 23 and am not happy with it’s
    performance. Does anyone out there know the boat well? It’s the sloop
    model, not the yawl. I am not getting to sail well on any point of
    sail. I have added a boom vang and a cunningham and it has not made
    much difference. If anyone could help me out I’d really appreciate it.

    Frustrated in Long Island!!! Howie

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hi Howie,
    My RR23 is rigged as a sloop right now as I need to replace the mizzen mast. I just got home from a day of lake sailing in approximate 18 knot wind and my RR23 did fine as usual. Mine, is not the best pointing boat (for example a J24 points a few degrees better) but she does ok. Today on a close-reach tack we maintained a steady 6.2 knots and peaked to 6.4 which is not too bad for a boat her size. This per my knot meter which I believe is accurate. While there are faster boats there sure are not too many that are prettier! Other sailors are always asking what make she is and usually comment “she is a beautiful boat”! I have to agree — the RR23 is flat-out gorgeous and the cabin is beautiful too.

  • mark hannon:

    Howard Geismar: Call me. I can help. 303-946-6865 Mark

  • John McHaffie:

    Wanted: RR23 in good-to-excellent condition. Prefer Southeast but will travel further for a well found boat. Please phone 336-777-1652 to leave a contact number.