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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Rob Roy

Designed by Ted Brewer

22ft 7.5in x 6ft 9.75in x 1ft 6in / 4ft, Disp approx 1.5t

Buy Generic Xanax From Canada, Ordering Xanax Online From Canada

Rob Roy 001

Rob Roy 001Alprazolam Borderline

Rob Roy 005

Rob Roy 005

Rob Roy 005Buy Xanax Uk

A capable and attractive small cruiser with some notable voyages, in North American waters, under its belt. Some 40-50 examples of Rob Roy were built in GRP by Marine Concepts of Florida, from 1980 to the 1990s, reportedly to a high standard of construction and fit-out. Honnor Marine in the UK built at least one, but their moulds were destroyed in 1997 during a change of ownership of the company. Plans are still available from Order Xanax Online India.

64 Responses to “Rob Roy”

  • I acquired a 1991 Rob Roy 23 in Aug. 2008. Here we are 3 years later with a much modified Rob Roy 23. Originally she was not what i expected from such a splended design. She was very tender, unexceptable weather helm in a gust. So on and so forth!! The badly designed centerboard was frozen in place molecule by molecule This beautiful boat needed some heavy duty loven. and Three years later after hundereds of hours of effort and piles of precious $, “tupelo” is starting to show here pedigree…Notice the lower case “t” in tupelo, we are talking the tree not the town in Mississippi. Photos to follow… I added a 300# 3/8″ fan type SS centerboard. No more big dragging triangular slot. I added a cutter rig to the yawl, both self furling a self tending staysail and Yankee headsail. and extra 500# of ballasts and walla …no more weather helm and tenderness. The tupelo is equiped with lots of electronics, full floatation. Electric winch with remote raises and lowers mast a/o centerboard. All lines lead to cockpit Chain plate “U bolts” were doubled as were stays and shroulds increased in size. And lot, lots more…No more toy boat to face reality.

  • Andy Lindley:

    May I please correct the information on numbers of Rob Roy’s built in the UK by Honnor Marine. There were about 5. I have traced 3 so far. One is in Canada near Montreal. a second in USA near New York. I have been in contact with both the owners. A third was sold to a british officer serving in Cyprus and shipped out to him. He,it is believed, sailed her back to Britain with a friend on his retirement leave and should be here in UK, but where? I think another was sold to the Netherlands, but I’m not sure.
    My experience with a Rob Roy for just 3 weeks in sheltered waters in Florida was generally good. She sailed well, was quick and easily driven. She initially heeled quickly but hardened up as the deck line reached sea level. Everything worked well on a 35 year old boat. The hull and deck were in pretty good condition despite the light construction. The cabin also worked well, although I found crouching hard going on my back. Of course going to windward the mizzen was back winded by the main, but it didn’t stop or appear to slow her. Compared to other small yachts I met her performance was good. However I was reluctant to take her out into the open Gulf of Mexico where there was a heavy swell as she was so light and I felt would not make headway in much of a sea. Perhaps I’m wrong and just too cautious being used to a 6ton gaff cutter. Andy

  • Tom K:

    I recently bought a RR23 that needs some fixing up but is structurally sound. The boat had sat under a leaky tarp in Florida for years and had a thick covering of mildew inside. I should have it ready to launch by July. Having not sailed it yet, I’m most interested in the comments about the aluminum centerboard and sailing characteristics in general. One question I have is how to lower and inspect the board while on land – does one have to put the boat on a travelift to access the board? This would seem to negate much of the advantage of having a trailer-launchable boat.

  • Tom, I have a RR23 that I worked on for the past couple years. I cannot think of another boat I’d prefer…! That said, like any boat, the words to describe it are almost endless.
    It took me about 4 months to get the corroded aluminum centerboard out. I designed a scissor stainless ctrbd, which eliminates the open triangle drag.
    I installed dbl self furling cutter headsails, which eliminates the weatherhelm and she gets up and goes.
    I added 500# of addtional lead and st st ctrbd ballast, which eliminated the tenderness. I ran all lines to cockpit with lots of cam cleats. See Photos, (Crusing and Sailing Forums. Capt.Fred)
    I raise and lower mast and ctrbd with a 12V 4X4 1500# winch w/remote.
    I improved the anchor system and have a unique sculling oar.
    I have a plug that closes engine well and the 8hp self starting outbd is easily lifted 12″ and set down on Plug to hold it in place. An auto bilge pump empties well.
    I did hundreds of other projects and I don’t know why, but I gained 30# myself and I’m 78 years old. I plan to solo the Gulf of Mexico for some tacos and tequilia. I have years of boat design, building and solo sailing. Please google (Fred A. Saas)
    Oh yes and one more item. Find 6 used boat stands. They will improve your lot in life alot (Why 6?)….Capt.Fred…

  • stephen fredericks:

    could you please reply as soon as possible….. does the rob roy 23 need a longshaft or regular shaft outboard? have tried to find the answer, unable…. planning to by a rob roy, it has no outboard…. so i do need to know what size? longshaft or ????????
    thank you… would love a answer as soon as you can…. thanks.

  • I have a short shaft Tohatso 8 hp, elect start. weight 81#. Pushes my RR23 to hull speed. I did modify the well to accommodate a slightly larger than specified engine. I wanted electric start and a charging alternator. I also have a dinghy hoist to lift OB and insert water proof plug in well. Thus reducing drag from open well and to keep engine out of the water. Lots of photos can be found on Google (Capt.Fred Saas). See album #3. I will be happy to answer any questions.

  • jpf:

    a short 4/5/6 hp tohatsu/nissan (same engine, different carb) will move RR23 at hull speed and provide provide charging but not electric start. the charging circuit must be bought separately.
    like fred says, the RR23 is quite tender. I haven’t experienced it ’stiffen up’, mine will readily heel further than I have the stomach for, some extra ballast forward has helped. loaded up for two with provisions I imagine it’s much tamer.
    no problems with centerboard or excessive weather helm either, quite the opposite, mine has neutral helm (and an inclination to lee) and self steers with minimal setup.

  • Jim Noonan:

    I am a recent owner of a RR23. I know that there were only about 50 built in the US — is there an owners group or association somewhere on the web? Other than this beautiful canoe yawl website I have not been able to find any dedicated website to RR23 owners.
    Thanks for any info you can offer.
    Best Regards, Jim

  • mark hannon:

    Nce to see some folks are talking about the RR23. Ron Johnson died a few years ago–way to young. He and I went round and round about the RR23. He loved ‘em and I still love ‘em. I believe the count on Rob Roys built here in the states by Marine Concepts is closer to 90. Many were built in the 1980’s, then a lull, then a few more in the mid 1990’s. The boat went out of production partly because they became too expensive to build: the high cost finish of teak and bronze.

    The boat was designed by Ted Brewer as a cruiser for a couple. She makes a perfect singlehander. I may own the only one built with an inboard diesel–a Yanmar 1GM10 one cylinder 9 horse power. I believe she was built for a couple in Maine. I’ve got that paperwork but haven’t looked at it for awhile. Mark

  • mark hannon:

    A bit more… About the boat being tender. I don’t know; compared to what? The boat is perfectly balanced and can be steered with a finger when set up right. She has so many sail combinations that I don’t see a problem with “tenderness.” If things get so bad you just want to get out of the wind and go below for a cup of coffee, you can reef the mizzen and let her take care of herself. And so on and so forth.
    What a fine boat. Who could ask for more in a boat of this size? We have sailed her far and wide… She is tough, beautiful, well built,and trailerable.

  • Jim Noonan:

    I agree with Mark, I would not term the RR23 too tender. I have owned mine since October 2012 and so far have sailed her 7 times with the last 3 times in 25 mile gusts. I had her fully rigged (not reefed). She heels quick but then stiffens up and can take a good blow before water is over the gunnel. She heeled to what I estimate was about 2 to 4 inches below the gunnel at 25 knot wind. I had to watch it and luff the main a-bit at the power gusts but she was stable and predictable. My knot meter (which I think is accurate) peaked at 6.9 knots. Besides being drop-dead beautiful, with a charming cabin, this is a can-do little boat. I love this sailboat!

  • mark hannon:

    Marine Comcepts has a nice Rob Roy for sale just now;looks to be in near new condition. I would like to hear from other Rob Roy owners on this site. Could be quite a crowd with over 85 built, and some notable cruises.

  • Bill Empsall:

    I am looking at a Rob Roy that was most recently sailed out of Ashland, Wisconsin on Lake Superior. The boat has goldenrod colored sails and and a replacement rudder. The original kickup spade rudder has been replaced with a single piece cut off to match the depth of the keel. It also has end plates on the bottom to help compensate for the loss of area (similar to winged keels). Unfortunately the owner has died and I know of no one else who would be knowledgeable of this boat’s sailing performance. Does anyone out there know of this particular boat or have one with an endplate rudder on it?

  • mark hannon:

    I just started this note and inadvertantly deleted it, so I will be brief. I sold the boat you speak of to Jim Martin in 2006. At that time it carried the original rudder. Jim was a great guy. He was slowly going blind, but seemed determined to go on sailing for as long as he could. After ten years cruising in her, we sold the RR and returned to a Drascombe Lugger for easier trailering. I had previously cruised the Lugger for many years, usually singlehanded.
    A year later we sold the Lugger and bought another RR, this one from Gary Felix in Omaha. I believe it was the only one outfitted with an inboard–a one cylinder, nine horse Yanmar. This one carries a mizzen staysail and a cruising chute with a sock. Most RR owners are fiercely loyal. In the book, Sailing Small, David Bellows gives a pleasant account of a Bahama cruise. Jim Noonan, above, is also a new owner. Maybe a crowd of owners is gathering; I hope so. Drop me a line if you have a moment… Mark

  • mark hannon:

    OK. Mark

  • Bill Empsall:

    So Jim Martin apparently put the new rudder on. I can send you a picture Mark if you send me you email address. I have not actually seen the boat as it is in St. Paul and I’m in Northern New York, but I have pictures that I can share. I don’t see any way of posting pictures on this forum. If the rudder works at least as well as the original, it would be a big plus as many owners have either had problems with or have broken the original one. New Rudders, Inc. built a replacement for “Fiddlestix” that is an improved kickup spade. Alprazolam Online Australia

  • Bill Empsall:

    The company that builds rudders is Rudder Craft, Inc. not New Rudders

  • mark hannon:

    Bill Empsall: Your email above does not seem to work. Try me at Xanax Prescription Online. Thanks, Mark

  • David Bolton:

    Nice to find this RR23 website, I have a 1985 RR23, purchased new sales and completely refurbished the trailer. I sail on the Columbia River and sometimes am underpowered in the current with a 5 horse honda four stroke. Thinking about upgrading to a 8.5 horse. Anyone have a larger outboard and any issues fitting it in?

  • mark hannon:

    I used the Honda nine horse for years. Reliable and plenty of push.

  • Colonel (Retired) John Irvin:

    I have owned a 1986 RobRoy 23 now for 10 years. I bought it in St Petersberg, FL from the original owner. I sailed it for a while in Charleston, SC and then at our vacation home on Oak Island, NC. It is currently hauled and I am working on it. There is not a better sailboat for its size plus it is absolutely beautiful. I use a Honda 7.5 for power and that seems to be just right. Would love to hear from other RR23 owners (

  • mark hannon:

    Looks like a few of the eighty or so Rob Roy owners are finding their way to this site. Many or maybe most of the owners I have talked to seem loyal to their boats. And why not? I think we ought to add to the comments about good looks that the yawls are very solid seakeeping vessels. Ben Main, an engineer and then a nautical engineer by avocation, once did an analysis of the boat: wide or narrow for its length? Deep or shallow for its length? Fast or slow for its size? Sail area large or small for its weight? Heavy or light for its length? Ted Brewer also comments on the boat’s displacement/length ratio. The formula for speed on a displacement hull is square root of the water line length x 1.34. So with a waterline of 21 ft the boat’s max should be about 6.14 knots. We have had our RR beyond that speed frequently. Nonetheless, the boat likes to sail flat, or maybe it is just that, as I grow older, I like to sail flat. If anyone wants any of this detail, or anything else, email me at Xanax Prescription Online. Let’s stir up a dance among Rob Roy owners.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hi, I own a 1984 Rob Roy 23 — I agree with all here, a sweetheart of a 23 ft sailboat – beautiful in every way! I have a 15HP 1998 Merc on mine — it fits! Its got plenty of power. I hit hullspeed at about 2/3 to 3/4 throttle.
    Lets all try to keep track of each other. There is another one on Lake George. Mark Hannon and I often discuss our beauties! Perhaps our webmaster would help us get our emails exchanged, if we all agree to it?
    Best to All – happy sailing!

  • Mike Kirkwood:

    I have a 1988 RR23. In 2010, we put an 8 HP Yamaha 2 stroke [one of the last ones sold I think] in the outboard well, as it was the only model we could find that had a lower unit that would fit through the well hole. As it was, we had to file off 1/4″ of fiberglass to get it through. Works well.

  • mark hannon:

    10 Rob Roy owners so far.Someone might go on Sailing Texas and announce this site.

  • Dear all, I have started a thread for this design under “Designs” on the Canoe Yawl Forum (see link at top right on the homepage), you will find it a lot easier to converse there!



  • jpf:

    trailersailor has a ted brewer nimble section where there has been a fair amount of discussion of RRs over the years.
    Xanax Online Overnight
    the rudder on mine has been replaced with an ‘ida sailor’ (now rudder craft) rudder. seems to work well enough though I don’t have experience with the original to compare against. I’ve experienced this hulls ability to steer by sail alone but where I sail there’s never such a thing as a steady breeze so it’s been of fleeting use.
    my RR has crossed to the Bahamas with a previous owner.

  • Dan Lauffer:

    I have a 1988 Rob Roy 23 and the original Honda 7.5 hp 4-stroke has come to its end. I am having trouble finding a new outboard to fit into the well hole. I would like an electric start, but no luck with a pull or electric. Any recommendations? Would rather not modify the well hole.

  • Dan Lauffer, I looked around and could not find an adequate outboard to fit. Maybe there are some somewhere. Over 3 years ago I purchased a Tohatso 8, short shaft, 4 stroke, electric start. It also charges the batteries. I did increase the size of the well slightly. It is very reliable and pushes the boat over hull speed. See video: How To Buy Real Xanax Online

  • Dan, I’d like to add more info to my last post. Originally I had a 2 stroke 6hp Honda. It just did not do the job, especially trying to back off the beach or run against the current. My pull cord days are over. The 4 stroke, 8hp, electric start solved all these problems. However, I don’t think there is an electric start unit that fits the standard RR23 well. I did enlarge the well. Having lots of fiberglass experience, it was a simple unpleasant task. If you are DIY person, fiberglassing is a great medium to learn.

  • Dan Lauffer:

    Capt. Fred,
    Thank you for your help and comments. I was able to get my 1985 Honda 7.5 back running for another season (I hope). Next winter I thinking about either reworking the fiberglass in the well and upgrading to an electric start 8hp or installing an internal small yamaha diesel. Will probably go with the 8hp.
    Thanks again for your assistance and I like the video of your boat.

  • Dan Lauffer:

    Mark Hannon,
    How do you like the inboard Yanmar in your Rob Roy? Do you have any photos you would be willing to share? I am interested to see how it fits under the cockpit and perhaps retrofit my boat with an inboard.

  • mark hannon:

    Yes and no. The inboard is noisy, so my wife cannot sit below comfortably while we are underway. Also some smell escapes into the cabin, though not much. The diesel performs very well indeed, and uses hardly any fuel. The installation creates more room in the cockpit, but reduces the cabin space somewhat. I like the solid feel of the diesel underway, and it is super dependable. However,I doubt that I would convert to a deisel if I had to buy one and retrofit. Ted Brewer knew what he was doing. My first Rob Roy (yes, there was one sold in a moment of insanity some years ago) carried a 9 horse Honda which is one fine engine. Take it all around, I would go with the Honda. “Improvements” are endless and, in my opinion, seldom improve a good model.

    On another tropic, last week my rudder shaft snapped at the weld where the shaft meets the fork. I had always dreaded that eventuality, and felt it was a weak spot in the design. As it turns out, the weld was very weak at that joint. I had it re-welded by an expert and it will never break again…never. I am more than a lttle relieved to have that over with; no more worrying.

  • Avi Lewis:

    I am the owner of the Honnor Marine (UK) Ltd RR that’s in the New York area. We bought our RR after visiting the factory in Totnes, Devon, UK and had it delivered in 1985 and we’ve owned it ever since. We moor it in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.

    The UK version of the RR has a number of differences from the original Marine Concepts version. Probably the biggest difference is the centerboard; Ours is a deep, narrow blade, originally of cast iron, and it comes out through a slot in an additional cast iron keel shoe which Honnor Marine added. They may have made these changes to accommodate generally heavier wind conditions in the UK, but I suspect that, as their first boat (ours, quite similarly rigged, was their second) was equipped with a wooden gunter-rigged main and wooden mizzen probably carried significantly more weight aloft than the Marine Concepts’ aluminum mast in both the Bermuda and Gunter rigs alternatives, the deeper, heavier centerboard plus the heavy keel shoe balanced the heavier spars. The reconfiguration of the centerboard also allowed for an inboard diesel located primarily under the bridge deck. The first boat had a 6hp BMW, which was a lovely unit; we ordered ours with a Yanmar 1GM 10 when we learned that BMW was leaving the US small auxiliary market; the Yanmar has proven quite reliable over the more than 25 years we’ve had our boat.
    The centerboard arrangement in our boat was not as successful; it proved virtually impossible to keep the cast iron unit fully barrier coated and it eventually rusted severely. We had it replaced with a marine stainless board. The original cheek block with tuffnol backing proved inadequate to living immersed in sea water and failed early on. Honnor Marine paid to have it replaced and for repairs for the damage it did to the centerboard casing. Also, the centerboard is quite heavy for the winch arrangement; it works, but can be a heavy pull to raise.
    As far as the molds are concerned, I believe that the current Honnor Marine, (Honnor Marine (UK) Ltd went into receivership, of, as they say in Britain, “ceased trading” years ago,) have the molds, although they do not seem to have ever build a RR. The owners indicated an interest in doing so at one point, but seem to have been diverted by their introduction of the Cape Cutter 19, which seems to be a success in the UK, in addition to their continuing production of their versions of the Drascombe line, (which they market as “Original Devon Lugger”, etc., because they do not own the rights to the Drascombe name, although they acquired the original molds for the line.) Perhaps they’d build one if there were sufficient interest from a buyer.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hello Fellow RR23′ers,
    Its been a good summer here in Indiana for sailing!! Hope same for all of you too! Wish there was way to share pictures of our beautiful boats with each other on this nice website.
    Question: Do any of you have your OB motor starve for fresh air when you close the OB motor hatch? I have a nice running 2-cycle, 15HP Merc on mine. Runs well when I am puttering about under forward speed but when I am at dock at idle, with the motor hatch closed, she starts to studder, spit and often stall. I utilize the exhaust ports on the port side but it doesn’t seem to help. — Any innovative ideas out there to mitigate this (other than a smaller 4 cycle engine)? When the hatch is up, she idles fine – but the tiller is then vertical. Happy sailing to all!

  • Bill Empsall:

    As for motor ventilation, my boat has a 3″ cowl vent on the aft deck with 3″ tubing going to the motor well in addition to a single vent out the starboard side. Seems to work quite well with my 6hp Yamaha 2 cycle. My boat also has the round removable hatch in the motor cover.

  • David Bolton:

    I have the same problem-the boatyard laughed at me when I told them about it-I had vents put in the hatch cover but still no joy. The motor starves when the hatch is closed and I have had it quit at inopportune times! Now I am placing some additional venting and have seen a picture of an RR23 with a cowling in the hatch.


  • Jim Noonan:

    Hi Bill and Dave,
    Thanks for the replys! Dave can send me the picture you speak about in your reply above? I have been thinking of putting a cowling vent in the aft deck to the port or starboard of the mizzen mast, venting to the engine compartment but I hesitate to poke a hole in the beautiful Rob Roy!! If I have to, I have been researching in-line exhaust fans. I am thinking 12 volts and 600CFM would be adequate?! But all I can find is either $30 cheap ones or $400+ units. Any advice from you and our RR23 brethren would be great. My email is address is Xanax Online. Frankly, I wish we would all share our emails and set up a group — maybe we could all rendezvous one day. Gosh, that would be a beautiful sight — the world would gasp!
    Happy Sailing!!

  • m\ark Hannon:

    On my first Rob Roy I had the hinged deck motor cover rebuilt in grated teak. Then a hole cut in the motor cowling (Honda 9) with a 1 1/2 inch flexible hose running forward just under the grate (port side), stopping at about the front end of the grate, and held to the side deck (cockpit side wall) with a canvas strap. Worked fine and looked elegant.

  • Frederick Paris:

    I have owned a RR since 1997. I repainted it green over the original and used a classic yellow waterline, installed a new Honda 8 hp, It has all original equipment as I bought it from Eugene Staples, a retired US Navy man who was a crew memeber on the USS Franklin during WWII.

  • Allen Hamm:

    It’s all your fault !!
    If you hadn’t put me on the tiller I wouldn’t have been so smitten with the Rob Roy.
    Well, I’m cured, Tuesday I pick up my own Rob Roy “Jubilee”.
    Now there will be two of us at BOOTS&COOTS.

  • Mark Hannon:

    Allen, email me at Xanax Prescription Online and we’ll talk. Your RR is great news.

  • Bill Empsall:

    Well I have a new stainless steel centerboard. It weighs 105 lbs and requires quite a pull without a winch or block and tackle. Has anyone created any kind of reduction gear for handling the centerboard? By the way I have an extra one if anyone is in need. I had to purchase a full sheet 48×72 of SS so there was enough to cut 2 boards. It should last a lot longer than the aluminum boards that seem to corrode away in salt water. You can email me at Xanax Australia Buy Online.

  • Michael C. Sweglar:

    I am considering buying a Rob Roy 23 with a Diesel engine in it. I think it’s an 1986 they are wanting around 14000. Just not sure with it being this old if it is going to need a lot of repairs. I am also looking at a ComPac 23 build in 97 for around 11000 which is pretty clean.
    Looking at reviews it said the the Rob Roy has a hard time pointing upwind where as the owner for the ComPac says it points really well. I guess I’m asking if the 1986 Rob Roy is a little high priced for this year. What should be the price?
    Not sure which one is build better.. anyone have any idea on this would be appreciated ….thanks

  • Bill Empsall:

    Any thoughts on backstays? Anyone have one? Single or split? Running backstay from the jib head? Fixed backstay from the masthead? I find that I can only tighten the shrouds so much but the roller furler still sags when going to windward.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hi Michael,
    I have owned my RR23 since September of 2012. I looked for her for 4 years. I think she is the most beautiful 23 ft sailboat ever designed. 2 ft. draft, a cabin that is so beautiful you almost don’t want to leave. The double ended nature of her, the hidden motor well, the sail from the cockpit capability…. Beauty, speed, comfort — are all at odds with each other in a sailboat. The best pointing small boat I’ve seen is a San Jaun 21 but she isn’t the beauty the RR23 is. If you want speed and good pointing buy a J24, it will beat the pants off of most anything. If you want something that both of those will look at and wish they had, buy a RR23. Beauty has its price.

  • Bill Empsall:

    Would everyone consider moving this forum? over to ?
    There has been some Rob Roy activity in the “Nimble” forum. I’ll inquire about starting one of our own but in the meantime, we could use “Nimble” . The structure of this forum requires scrolling to the bottom for the latest messages and it is becoming a pain.

  • Or you could always use the forum on this site, as I suggested on 14 April! There is already a topic there for the RR23. This here is just a comments thread after all.

  • Jim Noonan:

    Hi Dick,
    I would use it but I can never get logged-in. As you know, my comcast internet account keeps sending all your emails to me to “spam”. I never see them. So, dispite my attempts to contact you for help to get onto the RR23 forum, I never see your email replys.