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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Welcome aboard!

The Canoe Yawl has so much going for it, both practically and aesthetically, we wonder that it’s had no Association of its own since The Humber Yawl Club was a strictly accurate name.

As H W Tilman liked to say, “Every herring must hang by its own tail” — and so it is with At worst, it will settle down to become a dusty information resource infrequently updated; but we rather hope it will become a lively meeting place for many more minds like ours, a place to swap cruising yarns, design ideas and opinions, and with any luck to organise some sailing in company wherever in the world our kind of boat can be found — or trailed to. Please feel free to register on our Buy Genuine Xanax and join in.

We want to draw attention to today’s and tomorrow’s canoe yawl designs and not be seen as a purely historical group. But fear not, we love the pioneers too — one of the CYA ringleaders sails a 19th century design. Our aim is to represent all known canoe yawl designs, past and present, on these pages — it’ll take us a while to flesh out the design archive, with more designs, and more words to those already present.

  • If you have designed a canoe yawl, we want to hear from you and to give you some free advertising.
  • If you own a canoe yawl we want to hear from you with your experiences of it.
  • If you’re selling or buying a canoe yawl, we want to help you.
  • If you are none of the above and just like canoe yawls, we want to hear from you anyway!

We have a magazine in the pipeline, and some interesting practical initiatives to discuss with you, and to these ends we’ll soon have the means for you to make a modest financial contribution via our online Store.

But meanwhile – Is Anybody There ?

Buy Xanax From Europe, Where To Buy Xanax Uk

  • TonyH:

    Yes, we’re out here, and we think this is a great idea. Thanks for setting it up. TonyH, Sydney NSW Australia.

  • Ian Burton:

    I have a Eel canoe yawl and live in Australia, if you have an interest and want some pictures – let me know, cheers, Ian

  • Hi Ian,

    Apologies for tardy response, I just got back from 2 weeks away sailing. Garden’s Eel is lovely. I have a set of plans myself. Would like to know more about yours, why don’t you post about her, with pictures if possible, in the ‘Me & My Boat’ section of the Forum? (I am trying to make the site as self-maintaining as I can!)


  • Yes, we are out here, out in Australia it seems.
    The Canoe Yawl Association and the site are wonderful.
    As a member of the ASA I appreciate the quality of your work Dick and as Canoe Yawls and Sailing Canoes are a particular passion of mine I look forward to viewing through this international window, the growth of all things CY & SC.
    Congratulations on the initiative.
    Rob Hylton
    Clayton Bay SA Australia

  • Mike Hall just sent me to this site. I have the first Nord Vinden, Bill Clements’ glued-lap version of Ethel. Once I figure it out, I’ll post or send some pix for posting.

  • Just stumbled on to this in a round about way from S.C. Advisor. I’ve always been keen on canoe yawls since I saw the first one. I have a 25 ft. Dutch built keel double ender in the yard that is pretty far gone, but has lovely mahogany planking. I fantisize about building a canoe yawl with prebent planking! Probably never make it.

    I build a glass( please don’t sneer) 15 ft double ender which has some pretensions to being a canoe yawl. When I get her stretched out to 18 ft, she may be a proper one.

  • Hi, I’ve just found your site and it looks great. I’ll link it to my blogs and you may wish to reciprocate.

    Best wishes


    Blogs: Buy Discount Xanax Online and Order Alprazolam Pills

  • Hi,
    I came upon this fine group out of my curiosity and realization- I have a hull design and two lug sails in production waiting to get married to a more perfect union- Canoe Yawl. Just arrived from Doyl one 45′ and one 32′… tanbark no less! Cartop Canoe Yawl at 80 lbs?

    Keep you posted,
    Steve Kaulback

  • Sounds good Steve, be interested to see your hull design, and how about material? Strip / clinker ply / grp / foam sandwich, even?

  • More:
    I have now put in production three generations of hard chine dory designs. 10, 12, and 14′. The 12 and the 14 are rigged to sail. In Todd Bradshaw’s book of canoe Sail rigs he makes mention of a rather ingenious device called a “rigger deck”. I use this device for a single balanced lug with leeboards. I confess; here I have stood firmly on the shoulders of John Hupfield of “Lost In The Woods Canoe” up in Georgian Bay Canada area.(Check him out)

    My hull candidate is the 14′ Vermont Fishing Dory made of kevlar composite. She weighs only 80 lbs and begs to be decked over with a mast at each end.She is 44″ wide and She will turn a little over 5 mph under oar as tested by our member John Weiss at The Great Gulf Coast Maritime Festival a few years back. The Dory was chosen by Orvis (the flyfishing folks in Vermont) for the gala 150th anniversary catalog.(you can stand to fly cast!)
    I have sold about 600-700 0f the Dory and I think it is time to morph to another form- I’m getting bored.
    Keep you posted, Steve Kaulback

  • Hi Steve,
    Doesn’t pay to get bored doing the same boat all the time. Look at the fix it got me in. Still I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. The more little boats out there the better for all of us.

  • Richard Blomfield:

    I should have known that YOU were behind this association,Dick.!! All the very best for it`s future. If you do as much for it as you have done for the ASA it will thrive. Would the bits I sent on EEL be of interest?

  • Thanks Richard! And glad to see you are really getting to grips with the Internet! Yes when I get a moment I will improve our coverage of EEL here.

  • Nick Jones:

    Hi guys, after waiting years I’m finally moving to a house with a garage and a drive so I can build and store a boat. I’ve looked at so many designs but I keep on coming back to Paul Fisher’s 15′ Lillie canoe yawl. It’ll be a couple of months until I can start but I’ll try and keep you posted and no doubt be picking your collective brains.

    Good luck with a wonderful site and best wishes from sunny Yorkshire

  • Hi Nick and thanks for your message. Be delighted to feature your work in progress here. So much to do on this site, now if I could just shake off the day job…

  • Veit:

    nice site, came across canoe yawls while surfing boats for sale.
    I got a 55′ cat and been living on board various boats for 12 years. But somehow yearn the minimalist and practicality of messing around in small boats. Maybe a distant memory of first sailing seasons in a 11′ Heron (gunter rig).
    I’m selling my cat and looking to downsize so who knows how small?
    have any of eels been scaled up to say 35′?..

  • Chris Bell:

    To Nick Jones: I am just finishing my “Lillie” and will be sailing it next (Australian) summer. Am happy to try to give any hints you might need.

    Chris Bell
    Xanax Prescription Online

  • Rob Hylton
    Backwater Boatman.
    Clayton Bay
    South Australia

    To Chris Bell & Nick Jones:
    I am just finishing my “Lillie” named ‘ECHO’ but exhibiting at the Royal Adelade Show and again at the end of October, at the Boating and Camping Show in Adelaide has postponed launch day.
    Chris,where are you in Australia?
    Have you put up any pictures?

    Ordering Xanax Online Forum