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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Buy Xanax Au, Xanax Cheap Online

LFH on the Canoe Yawl

Here’s what L Francis Herreshoff had to say on his design Rozinante and on the canoe yawl in general, in The Rudder. Some would say Rozinante is not a true canoe yawl, and most would dispute his assertion that the canoe yawl was based on the whaleboat, nevertheless he merits reading:

“This little yacht is a small double ender of a type that used to be called canoe yawls, and in the 1890’s was a very popular type in England for cruising some of their delightful waterways like the Clyde, Firth of Forth, Humber, Mersey, and of course the Solent in days gone by.  The canoe yawl is sort of a descendant of some of the sailing canoes that were used in these waters for cruising during the previous decade.  The name ‘canoe yawl’ simply means a boat with a sharp stern that is larger than the usual sailing canoe, or about the size of what was called a yawl boat in those days.  Admiral Smyth in his dictionary of nautical terms, 1867, describes a yawl as ‘A man-of-war’s boat resembling a pinnace, but rather smaller; it is carvel-built, and generally rowed with twelve oars.’  The term ‘canoe-yawl’ in its day had nothing to do with the rigs these pretty vessels used, for among them there were sloops, ketches, yawls, luggers, and cat yawls, but my knowledge of the past is not sufficient for me to state definitely that the name of the yawl rig did not come from that sail plan being often used on boats that were called yawls or yawl boats.  Of course, many yawl boats had no rig.  I, myself, am old enough to remember when the canoe yawls were still in vogue, so I will tell you what some of there characteristics were and that will partly explain Rozinante. Buy 3Mg Xanax Online

Welcome aboard!

The Canoe Yawl has so much going for it, both practically and aesthetically, we wonder that it’s had no Association of its own since The Humber Yawl Club was a strictly accurate name.

As H W Tilman liked to say, “Every herring must hang by its own tail” — and so it is with At worst, it will settle down to become a dusty information resource infrequently updated; but we rather hope it will become a lively meeting place for many more minds like ours, a place to swap cruising yarns, design ideas and opinions, and with any luck to organise some sailing in company wherever in the world our kind of boat can be found — or trailed to. Please feel free to register on our 3Mg Xanax Bars Online and join in.

We want to draw attention to today’s and tomorrow’s canoe yawl designs and not be seen as a purely historical group. But fear not, we love the pioneers too — one of the CYA ringleaders sails a 19th century design. Our aim is to represent all known canoe yawl designs, past and present, on these pages — it’ll take us a while to flesh out the design archive, with more designs, and more words to those already present.

  • If you have designed a canoe yawl, we want to hear from you and to give you some free advertising.
  • If you own a canoe yawl we want to hear from you with your experiences of it.
  • If you’re selling or buying a canoe yawl, we want to help you.
  • If you are none of the above and just like canoe yawls, we want to hear from you anyway!

We have a magazine in the pipeline, and some interesting practical initiatives to discuss with you, and to these ends we’ll soon have the means for you to make a modest financial contribution via our online Store.

But meanwhile – Is Anybody There ?