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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Buy Alprazolam Online In India - Alprazolam Online Purchase


Designed by Paul Fisher

15ft x 4ft 8in x 8in / 2ft 1in, Weight 350lbs

Paul Fisher writes:

This lovely craft was commissioned by Tom Dunderdale after reading the series of articles in the Classic Boat magazine on the 13’ strip planked canoe yawl Ethel. The idea was to produce a canoe yawl of similar style to those of the last century used by Baden Powell and MacGregor and which formed the basis of modern canoeing today but using modern ply/epoxy construction methods with computer generated plank shapes. Her length is based upon the maximum length of plank that you can get out of 2 sheets of ply and we have increased the beam a little over the original Ethel design which allows more extensive cruising and even the ability to sleep on board. She uses 6 sheets of 6mm and one of 9mm ply in her construction. The standard set of plans show details for stitch and epoxy construction using 7 planks per side to give a beautiful round bottom hull shape and details are given for her to be fitted out in classic style with a lug yawl rig. The plans include mould shapes and construction details for her to be made using the strip plank method. Tom reports that up to a force 2 she will sail herself both before and into the wind hands off allowing the helmsman to drink his beer  in comfort. Above that, she handles herself with grace and she rows very well with excellent tracking.

More information at Alprazolam Powder Online

Nimble 30

Designed by Ted Brewer

30ft x 9ft 4in x 2ft 6in / 5ft 6in (c/b) or 4ft (deep keel), Disp approx 3.0t

Buy Alprazolam Online In India - Alprazolam Online Purchase

Nimble 30 001

Nimble 30 001Purchasing Xanax Online

Some 30-40 examples were built by Nimble Boats in the US. More information can be had at the Buy Real Xanax Bars and from Buying Xanax From Canada.

Rob Roy

Designed by Ted Brewer

22ft 7.5in x 6ft 9.75in x 1ft 6in / 4ft, Disp approx 1.5t

A capable and attractive small cruiser with some notable voyages, in North American waters, under its belt. Some 40-50 examples of Rob Roy were built in GRP by Marine Concepts of Florida, from 1980 to the 1990s, reportedly to a high standard of construction and fit-out. Honnor Marine in the UK built at least one, but their moulds were destroyed in 1997 during a change of ownership of the company. Plans are still available from Buying Xanax From Canada.