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Boats for Sale
Our Origins
The CYA was started by three active members of The Albert Strange Association as a means to focus exclusively on a small boat type which offers so much to today's cruising sailor. We encourage you to visit the Buying Xanax Online Cheap where we think you will find much of interest.

Cheap Xanax Overnight, Best Online Xanax Site


Designed by Paul Fisher

22ft x 7ft x 2ft 2in / 4ft 8in, Disp 3638lbs

Paul Fisher writes:

I think that the canoe yawls of the early part of this century were some of the most beautiful cruising yachts ever designed. They may not have had as much room inside as their modern counterparts, but they were sea kindly craft with an easily handled rig and a grace and charm all of their own. Kittiwake is our version of the old canoe yawl using the modern ply/epoxy method of construction. She has 6 plywood planks per side which are stitched together along with the ply backbone girder and bulkheads. All the seams and joints are then bonded with epoxy and the hull sheathed in woven roving. She has an ‘L’ shaped steel centreboard which is housed below the cabin sole and operated from the cockpit. The centreboard pivot is located outside the hull so that there are no leaks. Ballast, in the form of scrap iron or lead is housed in 2 steel ballast boxes to keep cost down and to make the engineering side of the construction as simple as possible.

She has room for 2 or 3 berths, a wc and galley and she can have an outboard well in the cockpit. Her yawl rig, apart from being traditional, is in easily handled balanced areas allowing her to be sailed with just the jib and mizzen up. We can also produce the computer faired mould shapes and details for strip planked construction. Other keel configurations can also be drawn up.

More information at Alprazolam Powder Online.

Casco Bay

Designed by Paul Fisher

16ft 1in x 4ft 8in x 7in / 3ft 7in, Weight 309lbs

Paul Fisher writes:

The Casco Bay 16 was designed for Maurice Byrne of the Boatyard Upstairs for a Swiss client who wanted a fast, easily handled canoe yawl for use on his home lakes. We have developed an efficient and stable hull form with slight influence from the Casco Bay Peapods. We have kept the waterline length as high as possible with short overhangs at each end, but still retained a sweet looking hull with an attractive sheer line and well cambered decks. Construction is for strip planking (veneered or simply glass sheathed). She has an inboard rudder which hinges up into a box when she comes ashore and her elegant lug yawl rig can be altered by removing the mizzen and stepping the main further aft. the drawings show details for curved spars but these could be straight.

More information at 3Mg Xanax Bars Online.


Designed by Paul Fisher

18ft 4in x 5ft 6in x 11in / 3ft 6in, Weight 507lbs + ballast up to 321lbs

Paul Fisher writes:

Since designing Lillie, we have had several enquiries for new canoe yawl designs. I think that this is partly due to their obvious elegance in shape and function. They are beautiful craft and represent a very personal form of sailing. The journeys of exploration and pleasure by MacGregor, Baden Powell and others in the early sailing canoes are legendary and conjure up visions of simple rugged sailing into inlets and estuaries and around European coastal islands. The simplicity of this type of boat is very often refreshing after the sophistication (and complication) of many modern fibre-glass craft. The standard building method is based upon stitched ply/epoxy construction but she could easily be built using the strip planked method. Provision is made for simple scrap steel or lead ballast in the bilges below the sole. The sole area itself is large enough for comfortable sleeping by 2 people forward of the thwart with a third perhaps aft. The simple lug rigged main and gunter mizzen have been used to keep sail handling simple with easy reefing and to keep the spar lengths down to fit into the length of the boat.

More information at Buy Real Xanax Bars